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What we do

We focus on cultural fit and collaboration versus an individual candidates qualifications.

We specialise in:

We specialise in:

  • The marketing & creative industry
  • Applicant interviews and preparation
  • Finding employees that fit your company culture

We also have over 10 years marketing management experience.

The Solution

By solving the issues that plague job applications, we are cleansing the process and making it super smooth. Focussing on cultural fit and collaboration will ensure that new candidates fit in at the company, meaning you stay longer and are happy.


About the company founder

Darren Curtis

Founder / Recruitment Specialist

07817 335 802

“While employed in Marketing for the last 10 years, I noticed that candidates got rejected because they didn’t have the required qualifications on paper. These individuals scored extremely high on cultural fit and collaboration but no recruitment agency adequately measured or took that into consideration during screening.

Company culture is number 1 priority for Gen Z!”

Darren Curtis


Darren is a marketing professional. He has worked with clients across automotive, leisure, consumables, FMCG and distribution industries.

Marketing Management - 10 years
Branding - 8 years
Events - 6 years
Graphic Design - 13 years
Social Media & Paid Ads - 5 years

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