Frequently asked questions

What makes CurtisKnight different?

CurtisKnight aims to simplify the process of recruitment by giving both parties the tools they need for successful employment. Candidates that understand the company and share the same values stay longer, reducing traditional costs associated to the business.

Do you share my details with the company?

The company does not receive your personal contact details. If you apply for a job by submitting a CV, you are expressing interest in being considered for it. We will firstly make contact with you to discuss your application. With your agreement, this gets sent onto the company without any personal contact details.

Can you match me to a job listing?

Yes. If you register/submit your CV to our site, we can use this to match you to new, relevant jobs. You can always opt out of receiving these updates once you’ve found your dream position.

How do you contact me?

We believe in letting technology help us. Usual contact methods include WhatsApp, messages, phone or email. We can also communicate through Facebook Messenger is that’s easier.

Once you’ve submitted my CV to the employer, what happens next?

The speed of applications vary from company to company. During the process, you’ll be kept up-to-date with your progress, approval and feedback quickly. We aim to complete an application within 1 month and to always provide constructive feedback if you are unsuccessful.

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